Permanent Disablement Planning

There is no way to define the relief you feel when you take control over your financial situation. When you are going through a life changing event, the last thing you want is financial stress weighing on your shoulders.

Good advice makes challenging decisions easy. We plan to reduce your stress by setting up a blueprint for your financial future and giving you consistent support along the way.

We can provide assistance in the below areas;

  • Management of Income Protection and Total Permanent Disablement policies – Initial claims and ongoing support.
  • Investment advice – for Total Permanent Disablement proceeds.
  • Tax (Financial) Advice – relating to insurance proceeds and ongoing income.
  • Cash flow management – including funding ongoing medical expenses.
  • Savings plans  – to cover ongoing care needs, including surgeries, mobility aids or home modifications that are not covered by Centrelink or the public or private health system.
  • Social Security – recommendations that consider the impact on your Centrelink entitlements.

We provide referrals for Estate Planning and Aged Care services.